Visitor Info

Basic Information

Aircraft Type Strictly Microlights Only, PPR
Radio Frequency 129.825 ‘Broadmeadow Radio’
Runways 10R & 28L 385 metres grass,

10R is an easy approach, direct over an open field

28L is a tight turn to avoid local houses, please do not overfly properties

325 ft AMSL All circuits to the South

Location N52 01 541 W002 45 777
Opening Hrs 08:00 – 20:00 daily

Arriving By Road: If you wish to arrive by road, please contact the club.

Arriving By Air We have STRICT planning regulations in place. Please Phone for PPR prior to take off. Merv: 07748 646082 or John: 07788 720333

Landing fee if PPR approved £5. Includes free tea or coffee!

DO NOT overfly property at the east end of the runway – IMPORTANT! Click HERE for our printable Take Off & Landing Sheet Where possible, take off on runway 28 and land on 10. Circuit Height = 500ft – stay over 1500ft to minimise noise when surveying landing area before joining circuit on downwind leg. All circuits to the South.


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Printable Take Off & Landing Sheet PDFIcon 

Visiting Pilot Statement PDFIcon





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